10 Simple and Successful Strategies for Content Marketing


Content marketing is one essential element that you need to consider. This is particularly true when you operate a start-up or an established brand. Almost 98% of chief marketing officers advocate for this trend. This is also because this is simple and this really works. 

A lot of start-up founders have discussed the sales of their products. These products have shown a skyrocket performance in sales after being featured in websites like Business Insider and Techcrunch. That is why you need to focus as well on content marketing.  

Below are the 10 simple and successful strategies for content marketing that will push your business to the next level. 

1. Shorten Things Out 

The reality is that people like it better reading short-form articles. So, you better avoid producing long-form articles. Even based on research, people prefer articles that are consisted of 1000-words or even less than that. In one report, it was found out that readers can spend about fifteen seconds or less. Just remember that readers have a short attention span. They are always on the look-out for some interesting things to read. 

2. Make Use of Visuals 

The majority of people like it reading on quality visuals in the content. The visuals could come in a range of video, infographics, or quality images. The simple idea is that they visit a website and get attracted by the visuals. They actually never pay attention to the sea of words or even the graphics on the site. The visuals have one advantage to offer. They further help optimize content for the search engines. 

3. Write Content in a Light Way 

You may already have been proud of the formal content produced as a content manager. Understand that the readers are keen on content written formal but also in a light and fun way. So, prioritize it making the paragraphs just short. Add some informal words as much as possible. This will make the content more shareable and fun to read. 

4. Optimize Content for All the Search Engines 

Keep in mind that you write with the focus on targeting people and the search engines. People also find your content as they search with the use of the search engines. That is why you need to be sure that the content is optimized as it fits well to all the search engines.  

Among the things to concern more are the specific keyword, the keyword used on the title, keyword used on the body of the article and the visuals used in the article. 

5. Write So It Could Go Viral 

Be brave in producing visual and written content that could go viral. There already are companies that start from zero sales to a million dollar worth of sales. This is mainly attributed to viral content.  

6. Focus on Where the Viewers Are 

Do not mistake content as something exactly as a blog. A blog may seem essential but it is not always the end. The best approach to follow is the content focused on finding readers. Incorporate a few mediums like Facebook, Medium, Tik Tok, and Snapchat. 

7. Not Only Quantity but Quality 

Do not be misled by pushing hundreds of posts every day. It’s as if you are focusing on quantity more and not with the quality of work. Expect it further that if the quality decreases, the audience also goes down. It is a lot better to publish new and quality content once a week.  

8. Concentrate Further on Your Niche 

Focus more on a small niche rather than conquering the world. Although you produce a wide content, only fewer people will see it. The best thing to do is to focus on a specific location and niche.  

9. Analyze Your Content 

Always analyze the content that you will submit. This is one way for you to see the different types of content that perform. Make use of data analysis tools that can best evaluate the returns of content. Most of them are for free like the Google Analytics. So, you better make use of them to attract a big audience.  

10. Use Influencers and Freelancers 

Invest more in influencers and freelancers to get the attention of a bigger audience. More than fifty-five percent of companies are using freelancers to meet their content needs. They also are mostly influencers in the industry.  

Now, you have learned more about these strategies of implementing content marketing!